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C++ functions

Any C++ exposed UFUNCTION can be marked with the QuickActionEntry meta tag and it will be automatically picked up by the quick menu. It doesn’t matter if your function is blueprint exposed as well.

Example usage:

// Example tooltip
UFUNCTION(meta = (QuickActionEntry))
void ExampleFunction();

By using this method, you can add entries to the quick menu without adding a hard depedency on the plugin. This way your code will still work even after the plugin is removed with no additional changes.

Currently only functions with no input arguments are supported


If you have special requirements, you can implement a new QuickMenu extension to create custom commands and add as many entries to the menu as you need.

Add the "QuickMenu" depedency to your .Build.cs file:

PrivateDependencyModuleNames.AddRange( new string[] { "QuickMenu" });

Then create a new class inheriting from UQuickMenuExtension:

 * Adds my cool quick menu entries
class UMyCoolExtension : public UQuickMenuExtension

	virtual TArray<TSharedPtr<FQuickCommandEntry>> GetCommands(const FToolMenuContext& Context) override;

Then inside the implementation of GetCommands you can add your commands:

TArray<TSharedPtr<FQuickCommandEntry>> UMyCoolExtension::GetCommands(const FToolMenuContext& Context)
	TArray<TSharedPtr<FQuickCommandEntry>> OutCommands;

	const TSharedPtr<FQuickCommandEntry> MyCoolEntry = MakeShared<FQuickCommandEntry>();
	MyCoolEntry->Title = INVTEXT("My Cool Function Title");
	MyCoolEntry->Tooltip = INVTEXT("My Cool Function Tooltip");
	MyCoolEntry->Icon = FSlateIcon(FAppStyle::GetAppStyleSetName(), "MyCoolFunctionIcon");
	MyCoolEntry->ExecuteCallback = FSimpleDelegate::CreateLambda(
			UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("My Cool Function was executed"));

	return OutCommands;

Finally you can use the following console command to only display extensions which contain the "MyCoolExtension" string in their name:

QuickActions.FilterExtensions MyCoolExtension