Change keybinding

Navigate to Editor Preferences → General → Keyboard Shortcuts → Quick Commands → Quick Menu or type "Quick Menu" inside the Editor Preferences search tab to find the Quick Menu shortcut.

Here you can replace the existing shortcut by clicking on the first field (or assign a secondary shortcut by pressing on the second field) and typing your preferred key combinations.


Plugin settings

Inside Editor Preferences → Out-of-the-Box Plugins → Quick Menu you can find all the relevant plugin settings.


  • IncludeTutorials: Determines if the How-do-I tutorials from Mathew Wadstein should show up in the suggesstions
  • bIncludeSettingSections: Determines if shortcuts to open specific settings sections should show up in the suggestions
  • FuzzySearchMatchPercentage: Score required by a match to show up in the suggesstions list. Determined by using Levenshtein Distance
  • RecentCommands: List of unique hashes for all the commands recently ran
  • MaxRecentCommands: How many Recent commands we should keep track of